03 March 2010

Here is the Story

            This past fall, I began to contemplate what I was going to do after graduation and where my life was heading.  Do I want to move out of state, do I want to teach right away, or should I live with my parents to save up?  And then during church one night, God made it very clear what He wanted me to do, to begin searching for mission opportunities in other countries working with orphans. So I began my search, and found many places before He told me my destination. 
            So, instead of looking for a teaching job in Texas, I have chosen to follow a call out of the country.  I will be working as a volunteer teacher at an orphanage, Casa de Paz, a part of Go-Ye Ministries, in Pacasmayo, Peru for 12 months.  I will be leaving Texas in mid-July 2010 arriving in the middle of their school year to start as an assistant teacher to teach English.  When their new school year begins in March 2011, I will have my own classroom.  During my spare hours, I will be assisting at the orphanage by taking the children on outings, being a stand-in Dorm mom, and performing other teacher duties. 
            I have not set an exact date yet for my departure, but as soon as I do I will let everyone know. Currently I am raising support through prayers and financial contributions to make my trip possible. I will not be updating the blog to much until I leave the country. When I am out of the country please do not call my phone, you can reach me through email, my blog, and skype on occasion. I will be in the pacific time zone, and my skype name is Samantha Thomas- add me as your friend! I will try and send out posts of when I will be able to skype so we can chat. 
            I want to thank everyone for being a huge support in my life, I have been blessed with many amazing friends, and family. I am really excited about going and serving in Peru, thank you for supporting me!!!!!!

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