22 July 2010

Here are finally some pictures for you

The coast in Lima

    Restaurant in Lima
The walk in Barranco down to the beach
All the cars in the streets of Lima on the beginning of our bus ride
Angel and David two of the little ones at Casa de Paz
Paul dressed as an Incan Ruler for the Parade on the 21st
Nelson dressed as a Presidente for the Parade, I would vote for him
Merely, I told her to smile and got this funny/cute face instead. Another of the younger  kids.
Me and David outside the girls house, he is always asking to be picked up. I make him say please.
Joel and Louis dressed as soldiers for the Parade
All of our kids ready for the parade plus Leo a kid from school.
Our first graders were dressed as Incans.
All our 8th grade boys plus Nelson (6th grade) were dressed as presidents
Louis, me and Leo waiting for the parade to start. Was suppose to start at 9:30, started at 11.
A cute little boy waiting for the beginning of the parade as well I liked his mustache
A different school that was in front of us, they were really cute!


  1. Anonymous23.7.10

    thanks for the pictures--grandpa

  2. Still trying to do this right--
    The wait for the parade to start will be repeated many times while you are there. The pictures tell a lot of stories so were welcome.
    Grandma sends her love!

  3. Anonymous25.7.10

    Hi Sam,

    I like the pictures. The traditional clothing is neat to see. Do you know the history of the ldies wearing the derby type hats - they look cool.


  4. Anonymous26.7.10

    Just wonderful to be able to see this piece of the world you are sharing with all of us. You are on our prayer list here in Michigan....Many blessings,

    Tammey, (Your mom's friend in Michigan)