21 October 2010

A SHOUT of Thanks!

             I got two surprises in the mail today. I had a few people tell me they were sending me something so when I got my two notices saying I had things to collect at the Serpost I got really excited and started playing the guessing game of who sent me what.
            Much to my surprise when I got my two packages neither sender was what I expected but it made me even more happy to see who they were from and what they were. The first was from my parent's church, it is a prayer quilt, it is little and beautiful and ever string was tied by a different person who is now committed to pray for me for the duration of my time here and they all said a prayer while tying their knot, one of which on the list was my little brother, that one made me cry I really love him a bunch. And I love my little quilt. So thank you to everyone who tied a knot for me and a special thanks to Pearl Wheeler who cute all the tiny blocks and put them together into a piece of art and love. 
           The next smaller package was filled with just as much love as the first from my little sister (who isn't really my sister) who I love a whole lot too. She wrote back in our journal that made me really happy to see it brought an immense joy over me as I read the short letter while walking to get some groceries. Also inclosed was a book that I plan to read soon and will probably read several times even. 
          It is a good reminder to know that the people you left behind are praying for you and thinking of you, it dismisses all thoughts of being homesick because it provides reassurance from the Lord that He wants me here, so thank you for everyone who has sent me anything, it is definitely fun getting mail, playing the guessing game, and receiving love and prayers reminding me of my purpose and who is behind it.
          I hope you all have a wonderful week and find rest, peace, and energy in the Lord.

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