01 July 2011

Programming Kids

            If kids were monkeys needing to be trained for the circus I would be their trainer. And in one sentence you have summed up preschool. However, my mother said it is probably not best to tell parents that you have ever compared their children to monkeys in any way, but that is my comparison and I am sticking with it.
            Two and a half months ago, if you were to have walked into my classroom you would have immediately ran away, because it looked like a zoo. But today you walk in and people have been telling me that these are the most well behaved preschoolers they have ever met. Which is strange cause I still find them to be crazy, and sometimes hard to handle. Looking back though they are way better trained, or educated in the appropriate behaviors and acceptable actions in school. And taking it overall the kids really are very well behaved, definitely much more orderly than the beginning, so props for them, or props for the teacher who is good at programming kids to complete a task in response to a single word command. Haha.
           I have said before that preschool is not my forte nor my first choice of age groups to teach, but having an established routine and structure helps make that a lot better, and so I am really able to enjoy my class a lot more.

           As far as how I am doing - because people keep asking. .. I am doing really well. If you asked like a month ago I would have kind of said "eh". Not today. I kind of got a recharge a couple of weeks ago. I was just kind of finding myself not enjoying what I was doing, or having to scratch plans for school because someone didn't follow through for me, and too much improvising just makes you a little crazy.  I had just kind of lost my motivation as well, I guess it decided to take a little time off. I even dreamed that I was grocery shopping in America and it was so beautiful, I have never missed Walmart and HEB so much in my life, I might hug them both when I return.
         Speaking of returning.... I do not have a ticket yet, but I am looking to return around the 14th or 15th of December. I want to be home for Jason's 21st on the 16th. I think the end in sight kind of gave me my recharge I needed. Not that I am ready to go home tomorrow, but it is nice to know I will be coming home soon. Also, I am getting really excited about my Dad coming, which means mid year vacations, and what teacher doesn't enjoy Christmas break? Mine just happens to be in July/August but it is still the winter so hey.
        There was also a group that came from a church in Lubbock last week. It was a really crazy week, I do not believe I sat down very much that week. Not many of them spoke Spanish so Wendy, Auden, and I were in constant demand. It was really fun to have people to hang out with all day long, just not so fun having 20 people in my small house from 9 to 9, and all the Peruvian kids that were in the school for the VBS they did. I was just a little nervous for all of our school stuff. But it was fun, and it was good for the community. Part of them helped me in school, they brought a bunch of crafting activities, then they also did VBS. The other half did a medical campaign in 3 different places. They were right outside my house for 2 days, those were the craziest. Then one day we went and worked on Auden and Wendy's house. The non medical people were all there. The guys picked their team to sheet rock the ceiling, and the ladies weeded and cleaned. I went shopping for food with Olinda, and then was asked to join the sheet rocking team cause I was tall. I was waiting for my invite, and not to brag but I was an asset to their team. I kept the on track and saved them from cutting the wrong side a few time.
          It was a really good week. Crazy but good. Lots of people to hang out with, I got to do some work which I miss. I get tired of playing mom and house sometimes cause I am so not ready for that. So it was nice to use some tools. Another great thing about that week is I didn't have to buy any food, they brought lots of stuff for the school, and I got the leftovers in my fridge.
        Coming out of the week however was ridiculous. I haven't been that tired in a long time. I just wanted to sit down for 2 straight days and then I could never make myself get up early this week to was my clothes that are now 2 weeks worth of laundry. However, Hermana Maura offered to was my sheets and clothes for me while I am gone this weekend. Which I am very grateful for because sheets are daunting they are so big and rinsing them is a pain. I didn't leave her all my clothes because I felt bad, even though she told me not to worry.
         Anyways I hope you are all doing well. I apologize for not updating since the end of April. I kept putting it off, then last weekend I started and then the internet stopped working. But on a bright side my wonderful mother sent me some dollars to pay for a landline of internet to be installed at my house. So now we are waiting for them to come look at the phone modem on Monday and then see how many more days till they can install the internet. So, I will be more reachable soon.

        Thanks for your continued prayers and still loving me even though you never hear from me!!!

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