02 January 2011

Who knew it is 2011!

Well the New Year got here quickly! It didn't really click that it was 2011 until today, so I am a little slow, we did sparklers and everything the wheels in my head just didn't make the full turn in time. It may have been because I had just gotten off a 12 hour bus ride after doing an unexpected Lima trip to pick up my Mom and kid brother, Jason. Who knew that when my mom said midnight of the 30th she was talking about the turning of midnight from the 29th to the 30th. I was mistaken and thought I did good getting them a day bus on the 31st and Gaby could just take them straight to the station because she was going to be in Lima anyways for the holidays and I was saving myself sitting on a bus an extra time. Well I failed. So, as my mom was walking out the door to go to the airport I called her to settle out all the wrinkles and tell her every detail that would go down, when we both figured out we were thinking different days! Well, God was able to set me straight and work things out, and he blessed me with some good friends who also have good friends in Lima. So, I worried my mom and made her more nervous than she was to begin with, but it worked out. Since Gaby was leaving that night to Lima I was able to get a ticket beside her. My mom and Jason were picked up by Wendy's friend's son and taken to the hotel he owns. I got a taxi to their hotel and woke them up early Thursday morning. I forgot how tall Jason was, I have not been accustomed to anyone towering that high over me these past six months! But we had a fun day in Lima, I took them on a crazy detoured taxi drive (cause the straight shot highway is under construction), to the plaza de armas- which is where the presidents house is and the national catholic church (which is also an art museum when mass isn't in session), the Archbishop's palace is there, and so are a bunch of other legislative type buildings. So we went in the Catholic church and saw some amazing wood carvings and mosaics, and we walked around and they had their first meal in Peru- Pollo a la brasa (rotisserie chicken), ensalada (salad), and papas fritas (french fries). It was a good ease into the other things they get to eat. We also went behind the main part of the plaza to the building full of artisans from around the country and mom did a little shopping- she even bought beads for her baskets!!!!!
The next day we got on our bus to go to my home and they enjoyed breakfast, lunch and five movies in Spanish along with some cool senery for 12 hours to Pacasmayo.  We got to celebrate the New Years with the kids but to be honest we didn't mke it to midnight- to tired. But the next day we played with the kids. They all just love Jason they can't believe how tall he is and his red hair. On of the little girls who is 4 was quite frightened of him but then when colring with them yesterday she colored the boy in the picture with red hair and then his chin red and slowly moved toward Jason and leaned up against him as she finished, now when his lap is free she tries to take it. But she has some competition they all want to be held by him espectially on of the little boys who while Jason was eating the first night was just rubbing the hairs under his chin as he ate, it was cute and he came knocking on the door today wanting to play with them.
Needless to say they re enjoying their visit and I am enjoying them too, the kids love mom too, and want her to play jacks or push them on the swings. We are going to do a quick vacation to Cajamarca, a little mountain town with ruins and Incan hot baths on Tuesday.
Just thought I would let everyone know they indeed arrived safely and made it to my house and are having a good time they just want to go to bed early every night cause the kids wear them out! Hope you are all enjoying your new year!

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  1. Anonymous12.3.11

    Oh Samantha...these pics say so many things...the kids are beautiful....just like I remember my kids in LaPryor, Tx. It will be hard to leave them, but He will provide a place in your heart for each of them. I sure hope y'all do not get any problems from the tsunami situation. Blessings, Miss Tammey