28 January 2011

The Waves of Summer

Summer, Summer, Summer! I have to throw out an apology because it is summer, because I haven't been very consistent in dropping updates to anyone. My excuse for you is that is is summer, there is no schedule, and I get easily distracted doing all sorts of things.

But as far as summer is going, it is pretty fun. I started staying in the girl's house on the night shift, which means I again have the baby at night. The baby has caught up physically and developmentally rather well, and is starting to eat food- he loves rice cereal! The girls are always asking me to stay up later, but because someone wakes me up early everyone goes to bed at 10. At least I am not in the boys house, because Kevin gets a pouncing 5 year old on his stomach every morning. But I am really enjoying it, when I was in Lima with Mom and Jason I found some Disney story books in Spanish and so the girls demand stories every night, and I am working on reading with prosody in Spanish (not completely skilled yet but getting there). It is fun and interesting being the mom of 18 girls and a baby all by yourself.

It is interesting and beautiful how the Lord works. I came to Peru with the understanding that God wanted me to teach English and work with the orphanage kids, but recently I found that he is turning my direction a little. A few months ago I knew God did not want me to teach English in the school this coming round- for many reasons some with the school and some with struggles within the ministry, and for the time being He had me doing as much as I could in the houses with the kids, and now I have a shift. A few weeks ago I was really battling with what God wanted me to do come the start of school in March. Unfortunately I was allowing myself to be swept away with other people's ideas and I found myself planning and adjusting myself to what other people thought would be good for me to do or continue. However, I took some time with God to find out He wanted. He told me to clear my mind of everything, to take people's ideas as they are, look at them, and set them aside to wait for God's idea, His plan. So, I did, which is tough for me because I can take an idea and plan it to it's fullest potential and develop something great out of it, it might just not be what God had in mind.

So, I would like to share with you what God has in mind for me in my time in Peru. I have mentioned several times my friends, Wendy and Auden, to you. They are currently starting a ministry in Trujillo- a city about and hour and half from Pacasmayo. There plans are to have start a chruch, and a missionary school- training program for young adults in the areas to go back to their towns and churches working in the ministry as missionaries to their own people. One other thing they wanted to do is la Programma de PEPE, which is a preschool program for the kids that can't afford to go to preschool. The program is set up where church members support a student for their tuition- which is books, supplies,and uniform,and brings them their lunchera daily. As well as teaching the kids the required preschool curriculum, they teach the children about God, and there are frequent home visits where the Pastor of the church- and sometimes the teacher- go and make sure the family is doing well, offer some helpful advice, etc, with the hopes to help the family sustain themselves and come to know Jesus as their Saviour as well. With that said that is the direction God is sending me.

I am going to be the PEPE teacher for their new ministry. Until the buildings are all build- with the housing facilities, they will be renting a house in Trujillo where I will be able to live with a monthly food stipen. Having the food money will allow me to at least twice a month go and visit my kids in Pacasmayo and do some fun things with my kiddos.

So, my life in Peru is taking turns that I never expected to happen- I wasn't expecting any turns, but I know it is what God wants. It is a little hard because I am having to leave the kids and it is hard for them to understand, but at least I have the rest of the summer to hang out with them.

But I will continue to try and keep you all updated at a more consistent pace, but you will have to forgive me during the summer because I tend to side on spontaniety and my days change 16 times in an hour and then I am somewhere else.


  1. Wow, changes ahead for you. I Know how that goes. Well, I really am glad that you are listening to what God wants and going where God is leading. He will bless you for your obedience.
    It is so hard to leave those kids, heart breaking. But God will take care of them, as He will take care of you. Keep trusting in Him.
    And send my love to the kids please! I miss them so much!

  2. Very exciting! I know that wherever God plans for you to be, He will bless you and guide you! I will be praying for you! Love you!!