18 February 2011

They found me out

           Well, since it is summer I have been getting pretty tan in my arms, face, legs as I usually do. And yes I am still way whiter than most people, but a few times I have been mistaken for a Peruvian. For example, at the bank the teller asked me if I was someone's daughter, kind of funny, so I told her that I was from America and she seemed surprised. I guess she didn't realize how tall I was and the lighting must have been off and here ears clogged when I spoke.  But now there is no mistaking that I am truly a very white kid underneath- my watch broke. It had a good five year run, and finally died after surfing Friday. It is really sad, I don't know if I will be able to find a suitable replacement that meets my watch standards, so for now there is an empty white spot in between all the tan on my wrist. I just hope that it doesn't cause me to become Peruvian and be late for everything cause I cannot efficiently keep time, and I don't always remember to keep my phone on me. We will see.

         Other than the untimely death of my watch, things have been going pretty well here with the kids. I am still staying in the girls house as the mom on the night shift, which means I get to care for my baby again, I love it except waking up to his poop. That is what wakes him up every morning without fail. However this morning he had a little that was late and I was feeding him his cereal on my bed and that little extra came right out of his diaper and hit my feet. A quite disgusting way to start your day, but he just looked at me with that charming sweet smile and laughed. I am glad Antonia was there to help me clean up considering I couldn't really walk my way anywhere without making a bigger mess.

         I figured I could post some pictures today and update some things that have been going on in visuals for you, since I haven't uploaded pictures in a while. So I hope you enjoy them and enjoyed the snow I am bummed I missed it, seems like it was a long while since we had any. 

         It is now Friday I originally attempted to post this on Sunday, but after I captioned all 37 pictures there was an error in saving and it was all gone, kind of annoying. So out of frustration I gave up and quit. And it is getting really close to dinner time so the next time I get to use the internet I will post them so be on the look out.

         Today was good though, the kids went swimming for the first time in their new pool that Bruce bought them. I would have swam to but today was a cool day not the normal hot. Today I also got to talk to my Grandparents today so that was wonderful, they called me on my skpye number which for you if you forgot is (512) 686.2284. You can call me anytime I am online it is best to sent me an email with a time, but it is normal charges for you calling a Georgetown, TX number and free for me. So, send me an email and I would love to talk with you.

         Like I said it is getting close to dinner so I should be going but I plan on coming to town, writing more, and posting those pictures so don't worry!

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