20 February 2011


So these pictures are not in order, I uploaded them in order but they did not post in order, so sorry. They aren't that easy to move around but you should be able to figure it out. They date back to before Christmas to the recent and then you can also look at some of the same and more on my facebook by clicking on this link. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2475777&id=29627113&l=e768296328

Jason pushing the kids on the swing. 
We took the kids to the beach and played in the waves.

Right after the beach .


On our hike to Cumbemayo

Some Pre Incan writings

Jason fit through the tunnel a professional caveman.

Me and the kid in the mountains.

Mom did pretty good on our hike. 

Our bus.

Me- "Here hole the baby"
Jason- "What? I don't know how to hold a baby!"

At the chili's in Lima there was a sign for a chili Cook off in San Marcos I never heard of.
He had the chicken pox. It went around.

Kevin bet the boys if the could run to Hequetepeque and back- about 7 miles- they could take their mattresses out and watch movies for a week. They made it the second time- first time was cut short cause of an emergency.

He was our emergency. Got burnt with water on his head. Don't worry he is better. But it isn't easy hearing on the phone that your baby got burnt and have to wait to come home and see it.

Birthday cakes!!! Made in ice cream cones!

Proof for Jason that I made fortune cookies.

Christmas party.

Christmas Day

Christmas Tamales 

Keili got a pool from Steve so we got to swim Christmas day!


Jason and his new best friend.

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