16 April 2011

Birthday Birthday

     Well as many of you who love me and know when my birthday occurs annually without the help of Facebook, my birthday was this past Wednesday, and it was a different birthday. Normally I would have celebrated with many of you as we have done for many years, going out to dinner or trying to surprise me. I would have celebrated with my family, mom would have made my birthday dinner and a cake for me. Instead I celebrated with a wonderful bunch of people I didn't even know on my last birthday. But I thought I would share how the day went for all of you who missed it.
      Well school, went really well except that a kid showed up 45 minutes early for school- I got over it because the kids were really well behaved and the day went wonderfully. After all the kids left and I was about to head upstairs for lunch with Hermana Maura and company, her and Katy (daughter in law) came down singing happy birthday to me bearing a pudding desert that they made for me. After lunch I was able to get a whole hour nap- which was glorious, and afterwards my Peruvian mothers came by to give me the traditional Birthday hugs. When Wendy and Auden arrived, and I received a huge birthday to you hug from Keili. We played, Kevin came a bit before church and we all had conversation in English that was above the level of a 5 year old, which was nice. After church Auden and Wendy took us to Pizza Hut. Pizza hut here makes me laugh, because it is a very nice place, with no sketchy salad bar in the middle, and the waiters are all wearing ties and such.
      Pizza Hut was completely packed so we had to wait a bit, we got a booth and ordered and then we seemed to wait forever. That was because they burnt our Pizza, so we got free garlic sticks, and after like an hour total we got our pizza. It was good, it could have been better if Peru knew about free refills. O and I found 10 soles under the booth, it is still in debate as to whether it fell out of the Lujans baby backpack or not, but it was my birthday. The day ended at the house with a red velvet cake Wendy made for me with cream cheese icing- so good. And then the Lujans stayed over so Keili shared my bed and I was kicked all night long, but the day had been great!
     But birthday didn't end Wednesday. I came home yesterday night, and as we were walking in the girls charged me, and hugged me and I was told I couldn't come to the house yet, so I went to see Baby first, then I was collected and taken to the girls house. The lights were off, and the girls started singing birthday songs to me, and there was desert that the older girls made for me and I even got my own juice box! It was beautiful. I got more birthday hugs, and then I was told I had to do the birthday dances-which are really long and repetitive, but it was really fun, and my girls are all wonderful.
    So, even though I missed my mom's home cooked birthday meal and going out with everyone, everyone here made my birthday awesome. So, thanks for all of the birthday wishes and emails, they were fabulous.

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