29 April 2011

New Address

Before I forget yet again...

My friends in Trujillo who live in a better place to receive mail than me, are going to let me use their address so here is is.

Marie Esther Tello/ Samantha Thomas
MZ "D" Lote 37 2° Piso Urb. La esmeralda
Trujillo- La Libertad- Peru

So, if you were holding off on sending something via instructions from my mother, the hold has been lifted. If you have sent something to the old address no worries I can still receive it but let me know, and the date it left. For all things sent in a box, please send me an email letting me know the date you sent it so I know to be expecting it cause the mail folks here just aren't so timely sometimes. Letters go directly to the house. Anyways that is that. Love.

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