04 November 2011

Fun Week

Rock Time
         This past Monday when I was off from school chilling out in Pacasmayo, Kevin and I went took Paolo to the market to do some shopping. After the market we were super hungry and bought some bananas and went to the beach to throw some rocks. Paolo is not so talented at walking on the rocks but he loves it. you have to be careful though because he always tries to pick up the biggest and throws it right next to your knee or leg or ankle, yes it hurts. 

Picking up the big rocks, of course.
Remember these?

          Every memory of my own preschool experiences, and church nursery school includes a set of those cardboard, brightly colored, brick blocks. If you need help remembering here is what they look like. 
photo stolen from target.com
       Well a few weeks ago I realized that the milk boxes here are basically that exact same size and shape.  So I started saving my milk boxes, and had Wendy do the same. I wish I had thought of this sooner because we could have close to a hundred fun boxes to play with and could build a giant fort for ourselves. Because over a period of 3 weeks I have 26 colorfully wrapped blocks not even counting Wendy's 7 or so from this week.  So if we had been saving since March in preparing for school with the amount of milk we drink, we could make a city of milk boxes. ( I drink between 3-5 liters of milk a week, Wendy has 2 kids and almost go through a liter a day, if we have juice on hand that is even more boxes!-each box is a liter)
Before and After
    Wendy will be well prepared with blocks for next year. 
Our stack of blocks, it even grew by 14, 2 days after I took it when I got Wendy's boxes!

Baby gets new clothes

    Babies grow pretty frequently and quickly as everyone knows, which means they need lots of clothes. The orphanage has a whole storage area full of clothes for all sizes of kids boys and girls. For good reason it is under lock and key, and only a few people have this key. However, the problem is that the people who have this key are never there when I am, and no one else seems to have the motivation to go search for clothes like I do. So the poor baby has been squeezing his head into too small shirts for a while. And Friday night when the poor guy couldn't stand up in his footy pajamas cause they were too tight, I knew this weekend it had to be done. But I didn't get to it till Tuesday cause Gina wasn't there all weekend and she has the key. So Wednesday morning I receive an email from Kevin with a picture of baby in some of his new clothes.
Soccer Jersey and shorts with tall socks to accompany one of his favorite words- Goal!

And his little pumpkin Kevin and I picked up for him because he loved the pumpkins the kids carved so much, this is the one he can play with,  Monday and Tuesday I just kept putting his snacks in there, he loved it. 

Paseo (Field Trip) to the Botanical Gardens

Keili and I waiting at the gate for the kids to arrive on their bus for our adventure!!!
        One day when I was heading home from the mall I felt like walking a little before hoping on a bus.  Since I was walking I noticed more things than, and I came across the Botanical Gardens. So, that week I took Keili on an exploratory trip cause it is free (!) and we wanted to see if it would be a fun trip for the kids (Keili, age 3, my test subject). At the end of the trip Keili informed me it was a good idea to bring the kids. About a week ago we finished our unit in school about plants, and we finally were able to go on our field trip to the botanical gardens in Trujillo. 
     It turned out to be a really great trip, all the kids absolutely loved it! Upon entering we were even taken around part of the gardens by someone who worked there. She taught us about all the animals there, and some of the plants. The kids payed attention pretty well for the most part. At one point they were distracted and she asked if the rabbits were covered in feathers and some of the kids said yes! She sure got them, haha. After our tour we sat in the grass, ate some snacks and the kids chased pigeons!
Taking a peak at the map while awaiting our guide. They have a section for all the regions in Peru, the coast, the jungle, and the mountains
Turtles! By far one of the kids favorite thing at the garden. 
Then we saw the aquatic turtles, there was a big one, a little one, and a middle sized one.
The Peacock, or the royal turkey as it is called in spanish.  He thinks he is all that. 
Looking at the birds from the jungle, he even flipped upside down for us.

Me and my "nephew", Josiah. Who may be walking this week, he took some pretty good quick strides solo this day while hanging in the grass.

Segundo, Neiver, and Richard taking their picture with the turtles somewhere behind them. I love their faces.
Chasing the pigeon. I thought I had taken a cute video of this, but turns out it was only  like 10 secs long and 5 of it was the ground, good job Samantha. 

Me and my students who came. 

Here are some of our plants

        I remembered to take a few pictures of our plants before they got sent home today!

This was one of the beans that we started in baggies, with a cotton ball soaking in H2O ad taped to my door. 

These are some Marigolds. 

These are the Portulucas, if that is even how it is spelled. 

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  1. Love the blocks!!! Wish I would have thought about that while I was in Brazil!!