05 November 2011

Some videos.

This is baby playing his first video game on the computer. It is on fisherprice.com , all he has to do is press any key and something pops up at him. He loves it and asks for it every morning I am here. He also knows more keyed commands on my computer than I do! Haha.

Kevin and Paolo throwing some rocks at the beach, being boys. Fun day.

This is for Wendy some of Josiah's first little running steps to mom. This was at our garden trip, he may be walking this week!

This is a video of Saul. He is one of the younger brothers that came on our field trip, and all he wanted was to catch a pigeon. He wasn't successful but has an adorable laugh!


  1. loved the videos. Saul does have a great laugh. also, enjoyed your other posts . I just caught up on them. the hand and foot art was great. The kids will love the blocks. Thanks for sharing.