25 August 2010

Hair Cut!

Well this is my new hair cut. It is easily managed and washed without hot water, and it is less likely when up or down to get close enough to any potential lice spreading. So, that is good. Still working on getting all of the lice out of the litle girls they were at what you would call and infestation, no bueno.


  1. looks muy bonita (haha i think that says very beautiful?)

  2. very good. it looks better dried!

  3. Kathy31.8.10

    Hey Sam! It looks great! You're as beautiful as ever!

    Hugs from Far away,
    Aunt Kathy

  4. Anonymous31.8.10

    Okay, enough of the hair!!! What's happening there? Grandma and I are underthe big pines for one more week and then back to the warm wx in Tx. We love you!! Grandpa