07 August 2010

A little time off from school is always welcomed

So I tried a suggestion I found of how to get the picture rotated by coping it to  another program fixing it and pasting it back, it worked in my preview, but apparently truly failed, so just tilt your head a bit and you can see the cute dog that came up to me on the beach with a rock and wanted to play. So I did then when he was done he laid down beside us.

We took Estrella, Ruth, Betsie, Sintia, and Monica to Marquedio (SP?). It is a huge market in town every Monday. After we went to the beach, and got roses at the regular open market.
The next day I took Four kids out to the Polleria for dinner. This one has a mini McDonald's style playscape. Louis loved it and we played in it- including me until Louis got a bloody nose from a ball out if the pit hitting him in the nose- life happens.
How many children can you fit in the Camby? As many as you need to.
Greisi at the beach in Santa Elena slightly south of Pacasmayo. Gladys, one of the mom's has a beach house out there. She said for S/. 100 you can get a plot of land to build on. The place is pretty vacant in the winter but the kids still got in the water.
Louis enjoying the sand.
We caught a crab! Then another, they eventually died though because we caught them too many time and chased them a bunch, it was fun though. 
Nelson and his crab, Crab is close to death at this point- poor little guy.

Our day at Sta. Elena was cut a bit short because Miss Irma here kicked a rock hidden under the sand. But she was very cool about it, she ran straight past me and Steve- we could have carried her across the beach- to the mom's at the house. We took her to the clinic and then got everyone ice cream, and brought some dripping to her and Gladys at the clinic- we tried.
This is her toe- no bueno.

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