02 August 2010

This is Junior, he is two. He won't be here long, just until some DNA tests come back and such.
Gieser and Angel on our spinning swing thing, it has four swings and I am always having to spin it!
Danilo! He is one of our kids with special needs, he will try and break into your house.
Louis, Ruth, Betsie, and Mari, and Steve at the beach. I was building them blocks from the wind, but if I went higher they would have toppled over.
Christmas in July! Some of the short term volunteers wanted to have Christmas in July so we did it was fun!
Some of the kids from Mazanca a mission we do on Fridays.
My current front door! I will be moving to a different house in about a month but for now this is mine.
The garden outside our houses, a hammock!
No dryers, only clotheslines, love it.
The front of the missionary houses.
Kitchen on the left, this is the main room of the kids houses.
One of the girls rooms. Six girls live in this one.
And this is their closet.
Front of the kids houses.
Our playground, so wonderful!
The Camby, fun driving in Peru.
Basketball, one goal is broke, the other works.
Nelson taking a picture of himself.
Gieser and Duane after their haircuts!

Sorry for the sideways pictures, I flipped them before the upload but they still were sideways, o well! Love you all!!! Plan on updating some time this week but here are some pictures for now.


  1. Waiting for update--however, each picture tells a story! THANKS!

  2. Anonymous3.8.10

    Samantha, It is wonderful to see these pictures. I had a little girl and boy in my kinder. class this past year who came speaking no English, but now, they are just so good at it...also, the little girl's Abuela is from Ecuador and somehow I am going to show her these pictures so she has some idea about the fact that there are children like her all over the world...she cried so when her Abuela left for home. Keep sharing...blessings, Tammey